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Our story

Well hello there,

Arvid, Frida and Oscar speaking, and since you clicked “Our story” we thought we might as well introduce ourselves…

At first glance, we might seem like a motley crowd with our eclectic background. Arvid has enlightened people through music and events (and boule), Frida has shared her culinary passion from the surf of southern Spain to the tip of northern Norway (and on TV) and Oscar has refined experiences as sommelier at Sweden’s boutique hotel numero uno, Hotel Pigalle.

Different backgrounds, yes indeed, but also common and fundamental beliefs.

Like… an unconditional love for Malmö, the creativity of its people along with its booming culture and foodie scene. Along with the desire to create something we felt was missing, something for you to marvel at – and the city to be proud of no less.

You know, the kind of place we’d want to hang out at. A spot with an open door and a wide open mind, that space you’d want to bring your friends to. Consistent, yet ever-changing; all at once. A social melting pot where both you and we can be ourselves. Where you as a guest are always included, because we want to get to know you!

Our ambition is to deliver sensations, stir emotions, and yes, to surprise the hell out of you.

Of course, we have beautiful rooms with super comfy beds but this is not just a hotel. And yes, we serve great food made with love, but this is not just a restaurant. We most definitely prepare show-stopping cocktails, but this is not just a bar.

This is life.

An urban oasis where you are among friends. A unique experience where other worlds and times are mixed with ”right here and right now”.

Whether you’re staying the night, dropping by for a coffee, or want to be spoiled with finger-licking-good food, we’re here for you from morning ‘til late.

See you soon!
Arvid Falk – Hotel Manager
Frida Nilsson – Chef of the Chefs
Oscar Johansson – Restaurateur